Hack, learn, grow

Startup Studios. Are they a thing?
Or three things?
Are you building a hack, a product, or a hackquaduct?
Bridging the Hack/Product Gap
Watch: Encourage your kids to code even if you can’t yourself
A 7 minute lightning talk at Kidcrafters
Announcing: Linkydink improvements #1
We were listening to you all along
My dad turns into a robot!
A tiny game you can play to encourage your kids to code
Step away from the screen
Apply sunscreen instead?
ShedCast: Deborah Rippol on spreading Startup in Europe
As the European Director of UP Global, Rippol has spread startup culture across 120 countries, helping to inspire over 200,000 entrepreneurs
Get ALL of your Facebook posts seen for free
Two growth hacks for the price of one
How I got a click-through rate of 16% on Twitter Ads
And it was a cinch I tells ya
What’s next for Makeshift?
We’ve put our 90 day business plan online
Renaissance Woman
It’s not all pizza and mandolinos
Learn to play
Playing gives your clients space to find you interesting
Until death us do part
If you’ve ever thought about going into business with your partner, read this first
Towards a greater understanding of technology for everyone
In response to the response to the Year of Code
We’re Forcing the Word Entrepreneur Into Extinction
Why I’m NOT calling myself an entrepreneur (for now)
How we do email at Makeshift
Our approach to the bit of the app no one wants to work on
What went down at Design + Banter 9
lightning talks? we’ll give you lightning talks!
Medium or Podium?
Writing has become the safe option. It’s time to speak up.
The Myths of Time
Stop thinking about tasks and develop a sense of scale
Whose London is it anyway?
Following a recent Telegraph piece about the cultural spread of Shoreditch, east Londoner Paul Squires comes to the defence of his home turf
Startups—get a room!
Pass the remote
How my tweet turned into a RTsunami
There couldn’t be a formula for a popular tweet, could there?
Make, Rattle and Code
Folksy founder James Boardwell is into the craft of code and the code of craft
Learning to say “no”
On becoming a non-yes man
How to make a start-up out of nothing
Forget funding. For Perini’s Paul Squires, investment begins at home
Dialling down the Opacity
My hymn to the fearlessly open company
Myths of legends
Why you should say goodbye to rockstars and say hello to Leila Johnston
ShedCast: David Kitchen on the Impact of Communities
How one London entrepreneur turned community into a life-saving career choice
Leading at the code-face
Balancing technical leadership with writing code
From 1 to 1 Million Users, YPlan’s Focus is on Customer Experience
Quality, not quantity is what makes YPlan’s secret sauce taste so good.
Things we learnt trying, and failing, to build a regulated social savings service called Savemates
Short version - financial services sucks for startups
Things we learnt trying, and failing, to build a ‘CRM for everybody else’
Short version - You can’t do it on two days a week
Things we learnt trying, and failing, to build an e-commerce platform for selling digital goods
Short version - It’s extremely hard to do
Hackathon and on and on
24 hours of hacking! Crèche not included
Happy Endings Make for Great Beginnings - Why Email Signatures Matter
Theoretical Tales From The Front Line
The stationery required to design software
Everything you need for sticky (note) growth
When Ben met ... BioBeats
Merging healthcare and entertainment
Hey Twitter! Let me send a private link to a friend…
URL be back
Make a useful thing and don’t be a dick
Startup or upstart?
How to lose form data and alienate people
On poor form
Magnificent failures, hand made video game cheat books and the absurdity of startups: An interview with Ryan Hoover
Talking shop
How can we teach all the kids that want to code, how to code?
A shedcast with Clare Sutcliffe, co-founder of Code Club
How to send links via direct message in Twitter now they’re banned
A couple of handy hacks for getting round the ban
Don’t just do one thing
Why “just do one thing” was probably the best advice I’ve received. Because I’ve totally ignored it. 
Keep It Simple, Stupid
the most basic rule for pitching journalists
Introducing Linkydink
Or, why we made another link sharing service
How to do good talks at conferences
Hint: Teach don't sell
Design All The Things
what does it mean to be a great designer?
Shedcast with Joe Scarboro
Our first guest conversation in the Makeshift Shedscraper, with Joe from 3 Beards
Why I'm NOT learning to code
because spending time understanding coders is much more valuable than understanding code itself
Shedcast #1: Stef on the early days of Makeshift
The first in our series of podcast conversations from our two-story shed at Makeshift (yes you read that right)
Not just another blog
On making an article engine for Makeshift’s new website