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Announcing: Favouriting, hiding and a new UI for companies!
Announcing: Speakers and sponsors
Holy useful feature, Batman!
Announcing: Linkydink improvements #1
We were listening to you all along
Attending at ten! Ding!
10,000 users, that is
Minimum Viable Pundit - Design + Banter 11
‘Like a weird design acid trip’
How to merge Facebook pages and turn profiles into pages
Get all of your audience in one place!
Introducing Vanity URLs and LinkedIn signup
Tuesday, 8 April 2014
How to display tweets at your event
or Facebook updates, or Instagram pics...
Minimum Viable Pundit: What went down at Front-end London 12
Quite a lot, it turns out
Get ALL of your Facebook posts seen for free
Two growth hacks for the price of one
How I got a click-through rate of 16% on Twitter Ads
And it was a cinch I tells ya
Minimum Viable Pundit - Design + Banter 10
"10x Designer” - whatever that means
Minimum Viable Pundit - Chew the Fat 4
Our man on the scene reports back from the 3Beards event that has a panel and chattyness
Fireside Chats: @maccaw dropped in to talk sourcing.io
We caught up with the author, hacker and programmer
What went down at the @skillsmatter LRUG Lightning Talks
Passion Capital special: @swipe_to, @futureadlabs, @mixlr, @gocardless & Limejump are hiring!
Tech Events Roundup - Attending.io Special
A pick of the upcoming events happening on Attending.io
Work worth doing: What makes a job amazing?
Hint: Its nothing to do with your office.
What went down at Design + Banter 9
lightning talks? we’ll give you lightning talks!
Want a job in tech? @waymate, @overheardatmoo, @shutl, @lastfm, @appearhere are hiring!
We got roles to keep you off the dole
Want a job in tech? @projectAcom, @_txtr, @Kent_Lyons, @3_beards, @huddle are hiring!
Want a Startup Job? @taskrabbit @yieldify @ustwo @huddlebuy @seedcamp and @codeclub are hiring!
Dialling down the Opacity
My hymn to the fearlessly open company