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Watch: Sketching with data
Let’s make data more malleable
Drawing to think
Is a doodle good for the noodle?
Teh Guardian FTW!!!1!
A tiny, subtle hack on TheGuardian.com
Are you building a hack, a product, or a hackquaduct?
Bridging the Hack/Product Gap
Watch: Encourage your kids to code even if you can’t yourself
A 7 minute lightning talk at Kidcrafters
My dad turns into a robot!
A tiny game you can play to encourage your kids to code
Announcing: Twitter lists of your event attendees
We have list off!
Step away from the screen
Apply sunscreen instead?
How to turn an SQL report into a daily hipchat notification
Keep your KPIs peeled
Towards a greater understanding of technology for everyone
In response to the response to the Year of Code
How we do email at Makeshift
Our approach to the bit of the app no one wants to work on
Startups—get a room!
Pass the remote
Learning to say “no”
On becoming a non-yes man
Leading at the code-face
Balancing technical leadership with writing code
One hundred pieces
Can I write one hundred pieces of writing in one year?
Hackathon and on and on
24 hours of hacking! Crèche not included
Hey Twitter! Let me send a private link to a friend…
URL be back
Make a useful thing and don’t be a dick
Startup or upstart?
How to lose form data and alienate people
On poor form
Magnificent failures, hand made video game cheat books and the absurdity of startups: An interview with Ryan Hoover
Talking shop
How can we teach all the kids that want to code, how to code?
A shedcast with Clare Sutcliffe, co-founder of Code Club
How to send links via direct message in Twitter now they’re banned
A couple of handy hacks for getting round the ban
Don’t just do one thing
Why “just do one thing” was probably the best advice I’ve received. Because I’ve totally ignored it. 
Shedcast with Joe Scarboro
Our first guest conversation in the Makeshift Shedscraper, with Joe from 3 Beards
Shedcast #1: Stef on the early days of Makeshift
The first in our series of podcast conversations from our two-story shed at Makeshift (yes you read that right)
Showing your work in progress
Show people early, get feedback, listen
On the joy of small software!
Not just another blog
On making an article engine for Makeshift’s new website