10 amazing new companies hiring on Hire my Friend 

A very Hire my Friendly welcome to Shazam, Crowdshed, Cryptopay, Spleat, Numbrs, Parkopedia, UpMySport, The ODI, IRC Cloud and Mattermark

This week we’re really pleased to welcome ten more amazing companies into Hire my Friend

We’re working hard to keep the quality barriers very high for our prospective hires - we chose these ten companies out of 65 applicants last week because we believe they are doing something amazing. 

For more on how we try and determine this, check out our earlier post on Work Worth Doing.

So, without further ado, please welcome our ten amazing companies:

#1 Crowdshed

Crowdshed is a UK based crowd funding startup, currently pre-launch. They say “[we’re] the only organisation offering reward, donation, loan and equity-based crowdfunding opportunities for everyone, from individuals and groups to businesses and charities.” They’re looking to hire web devs and sales and marketing colleagues.  - crowdshed.com

#2 Cryptopay

Crytopay are tapping into one of the most hyped, but potentially most transformational technologies of recent years - cryptocurrencies. Their simple to use service allows merchants to accept bitcoins for their business - cryptopay.me

#3 Spleat

Spleat is a plucky new startup based in Curtain Road, Shoreditch, who are taking on the everyday problem of splitting the bill. Their mobile app makes it easy for businesses to offer their customers a slicker, simpler way to pay via their mobiles  - spleat.co.uk

#4 Numbrs

Numbrs is a new German startup founded by Centralway, a company building investment firm. Their ambitious proposition for Numbrs is “One App. Every Bank.” They’re betting that a better user experience means happier customers, and their now hiring a team to build this via Hire my Friend - numbrs.com

#5 Parkopedia

Parkopedia is, exactly as you’d expect, ‘Wikipedia for parking’. Parkopedia have built a community powered product to find the cheapest parking places wherever you are. This is a really useful data service, and could go a long way - parkopedia.co.uk

#6 Shazam

Shazam need no introduction. Pioneers of the music tech scene, they’ve been building products people love for many years now, and we’re thrilled to have them hiring via Hire my Friend - shazam.com

#7 IRC Cloud

IRC Cloud are solving one the deepest problems for businesses - keeping teams connected and sharing information. They say “IRCCloud is an IRC client with a future. Stay connected, chat from anywhere, and never miss a message.” - irccloud.com

#8 UpMySport

UpMySport are building a new way to find a fitness instructor, whatever sport you are into. They’ve got hundreds of instructors, and are looking for people to help them grow - upmysport.com

#9 The Open Data Institute

The Open Data Institute (ODI) are a not for profit organisation focused on “catalysing the evolution of open data culture to create economic, environmental, and social value”. We’re really pleased to have an organisation with such a positive techcnial agenda hiring via Hire my Friend. Welcome! - theodi.org

#10 Mattermark

Finally, we’re flattered to have Silicon Valley meta-startup Mattermark join Hire my Friend. Mattermark provide information serviecs to private investors, focused on technology markets and venture capital. They’ve been called ‘the next Bloomberg’, and we’re really excited they’ve joined Hire my Friend to find full stack devs, infoViz specialists and sales and marketing execs - mattermark.com

If you’d like to get hired by an amazing company like this, head over to Hire my Friend and create your own anonymous profile now.