5 Great Startup Jobs This Week

The best jobs in london, berlin, NYC & beyond 

23RD OCTOBER, 2013

Here at Makeshift, we build tools for startups, and thus, we're pretty encouraging of folks to get out of their corporate gig and join a startup team. Every week, we like to round up some of our favourite startup opportunities in London and beyond. 

  • Quartz - Mobile Web Developer - NYC

Quartz, a recently launched global business news site from Atlantic Media, is seeking an experienced Front-end/Mobile Web Developer. You will work with other developers on a front-end unlike any other news site - one that places emphasis on the reading experience, seamless interaction, and values content over traditional business needs. This is an enormous opportunity to shape the news reading experience and help redefine the traditional “news site” as “news application". Details here. 

Code Club is a not-for-profit, nationwide network of volunteer-led, after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11. They have successfully established over 1300 clubs throughout the UK and taught almost 20,000 children to code. From September 2014 all Primary schools in England and Wales will begin teaching the new Computing curriculum. They want to help equip teachers with the confidence and skills to teach this effectively and so they're looking for a Project Manager to launch our teacher training scheme! Details here. 

  • EyeEm - Senior Computer Vision Engineer - Berlin

EyeEm is looking for a senior computer vision engineer. Join their backend team in building an amazing search engine to help automate the process of identifying and understanding beautiful photographs! Details here

There's a brand new accelerator in town and they're looking for a confident and knowledgeable person to develop and manage relationships with key partners, mentors and investors. Is that you? Details here

Okay, so this isn't a startup job, it's a civil service job - but it's brilliant! Government Digital Service at the Cabinet Office is looking for Specialist Digital Course Leaders. You'd be part of a multi-disciplinary team of developers, designers, policy experts and more, responsible for the digital transformation of public services. Details here.