5 Pieces of Practical Advice For New Writers

we've got your back, newbies

Are you completely new at putting pen to paper or....are you trying to become (more of) a professional writer?

Read on, student of words, for we’ve outlined some practical tips and a healthy dose of reality for you, the new writer.

1. Your Writing Is Terrible And You Know Rejection

Sorry, was that too harsh to start out with? The truth is, if you’re brand new to professional writing, your works will need a lot of work. While we’re sure you’ll point out 1-2 undiscovered child prodigies, for most new writers, this is the reality. For many it’s a matter of developing your unique writing voice and paying attention to your audience. This is a frame of mind that will develop over time.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

As mentioned previously, you’ll develop a successful writing style over time, but not without a bit of work. You must write regularly. Every day, if you can. Don’t tell yourself you don’t have enough “time” for regular writing practice. Posting your writing on a blog or in public places like Medium is an even better way to practice. Don’t let things sit on your hard drive - instead, publish on the Internet where you can get feedback, input and critique.

3. Read! Explore! Discover!

The subject of “writers block” is a controversial one, but should you ever experience such a thing, you probably need to step away from your laptop. Read a book. Plan an adventure. Do a handstand. Learn about whatever you are passionate about by attending conferences, meeting people and absorbing more knowledge that you can write about!


4. Publish It!

Pitch your best writing to professional publications. If it gets rejected, publish it anyway. Publish all of your writing. Winnie Lym, a designer at Medium, wrote this brilliant article about why you should write even if you think nobody is reading.

5. Keep Swimming

Being a writer isn’t easy. There is always something new to learn. There is always room for improvement. You’ll probably get knocked down – but you’ll keep going. Writers aren’t writers because they have to be. Writers are writers because they need to be.

*We were inspired to write these 5 pieces of advice after reading this article for teenage writers.

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“I would advise anyone who aspires to a writing career that before developing his talent he would be wise to develop a thick hide.”

—Harper Lee, WD