Going to Austin this Spring? Get Attending.io to sponsor your fringe event while you’re there

$500 sponsorship up for grabs every week

Last week we launched the redesigned Attending.io with a focus on free events just in time for the annual influx of tech people to the Keep It Weird Capital. We’ve already seen some fun fringe events (emphasis on fringe - none of this is official!) appearing on Attending by folks that are going, so we thought we’d do something nice because we’ve loved the experience in past years.

We’ve decided to organise a little competition - every week for the next four weeks we’re going to give one tech event host $500 sponsorship to help with hospitality, catering or whatever is needed to make their event more amazing.

To enter, all you have to do is: 

  • Create your event on Attending.io
  • Follow @attending on twitter 
  • Send us a public message with a link to your event, and a clue as to what you’ll spend the money on. 

We’ll pick the winner at the end of each week and let them know via email. 

We’ll also pick two runner ups and give them some free Attending.io merch, and we’ll feature all of your events in our weekly newsletter.

So if you, or anyone you know is running a free tech event, head over to Attending.io now to make your page, and then let us know on Twitter.

And to be doubly, trebly, quadruply (is that a word?) clear, we’re talking about fringe events, and we’re not associated with the conference happening around that time in any official way. Photo credit Thelonious Gonzo on Flickr.