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Introducing: SQL for Beginners with GA London

23rd October, 2013

Marketers, strategists and other non-coding members of startups! 

Do you want to be able to help make data-driven decisions without bothering the engineers?  Want to be more productive at data gathering, analysis and reporting? 

....Sounds like a resounding yes!  

First things first - you'll be needing a basic grasp on SQL

We’ve teamed up with General Assembly London to offer up an extensive SQL workshop for beginners. The workshop will take place in November, split over to two workshops. 

Takeaways for students:

  • Understand basic SQL that can be applied to their own data within their databases.
  • Write basic SQL queries to filter, aggregate and summarise data.
  • Understand where to begin when asking questions about their data.
  • Receive a free trial of Wrangler.io to use with your own database.
  • Read and understand SQL documentation in-order to progress abilities beyond the basics by trying out more advanced query techniques.

The workshop is best suited to those who have no previous SQL experience.  The workshops take place November 14th & 21st. Tickets are a very reasonable £100 for both sessions.     Further information & registration here.