One hundred pieces

Can I write one hundred pieces of writing in one year?

By stef

Over recent years I’ve given myself a challenge in January—something to stick to that’s hard but that I want to do. Not really a “resolution”, a long-running project, a process, perhaps a new habit to try to kickstart.

In the lead-up to the holiday season I wrote a little about “higher resolutions”—things that you aim to do every day, or at least regularly. In line with my general rule of “create something every day”, I’ve been mulling over what I could try to achieve over a whole year, that would require an achievable amount of effort, but would fit into the rhythm of startup and family life.

Some things are easy to achieve, like recording the made-up bed-time stories that I do every night (when I can get home in time), yet others are harder. I was actually quite scared of one of my suggestions—to writing something every day

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback about the idea. One comment in particular stuck out, and I’ll paraphrase: 

Sometimes you should do the thing that scares you

And the idea of committing to a whole year of writing, well, it scares me a lot. So over the break I gave it some thought, and a throwaway comment by Ryan Hoover was the clincher. He observed that over the last year he’d written a hundred essays.

Well then, if Ryan can do it, I might just give it a go too!

100 pieces of writing in one year

So this is my new project. Over the course of 2014 I will be attempting to publish one hundred pieces of writing.

If you’ve been following me on Medium, on my Sketching with Code site, and here on Makeshift, you’ll know that there are lots of things that I feel passionate about. Hacking, startups, family life, creativity, openness, how software is made, design, the web, taking a slightly sideways look at how things are done… My friend Dubber suggests that I should also broaden that by writing about things that I’m less known for discussing.

I hope to be useful and thought-provoking to people who read what I’ll be writing. I also hope that it’s useful and thought-provoking for me.

And perhaps that’s the point of this exercise. It’s about being process-provoking for myself and others. I’ll be learning how to make writing part of my weekly flow (it’s about two pieces per week), and I suspect I’ll be expanding on one of the big things I’ve learnt from this first year of Makeshift:

By writing about the process, you inform the process

This is going to be hard, but I have a suspicion it’s going to be worth it. I hope you’ll enjoy what I produce this coming year!

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