Shedcast with Joe Scarboro

Our first guest conversation in the Makeshift Shedscraper, with Joe from 3 Beards

By stef

We are in the lucky position of having a two-story shed at the back of the Makeshift studio, right in the heart of Tech City, East London. So we’ve converted the top floor into a tiny wooden podcast studio, and we’re inviting interesting people over to have conversations.

The first of our guests is Joe Scarboro, one of that triumvirate of hirsute East London tech mavens, the 3 beards. Joe has a fascinating story to tell—just a year ago he was in charge of finance at a multi-national oil company with a turnover in the billions. He left that all behind to throw himself into the world of startup. He tells us about that decision and what the future holds for his new company.

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Thanks Joe! And apologies for the overabundance of errs at the beginning…