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The Data Saloon: YPlan’s Wild Night Out With Data

Watch our 30-minute talk with YPlan’s Data Scientist John Sandall

At our very first Data Saloon, we gathered a few of London’s brightest minds in data science along with a data-hungry crowd dressed like cowboys. It was a night to let loose just as much as it was to learn how utilizing even the smallest bits of data can have a big impact on your business. 

YPlan’s Chief Data Scientist John Sandall took the stage to demonstrate how his team uses data at YPlan, everyone’s favorite going out app. With great events and gigs that will make you want to jump out of your PJs and into the streets, YPlan has exploded in popularity in both New York and London. 

The company’s growth wasn’t a lucky coincidence or because of a tweet from Stephen Fry. As John points out in his 30-minute talk, YPlan’s main focus is on user experience. And so YPlan tracks tonnes of data sources from the app, making sure that every single interaction with the user is measured in order to drive actionable insights. 

“Data permeates every single function of our business.”

In the classic Lean Startup methodology, Sandall says it’s important not to waste time trying to find the perfect solution to any problem you may be facing. Finding something that works and iterating from there is a much better approach that will save you time. Also, empower your team! Teach everyone how to use command line tools to pull and analyse data themselves. Then make sure to communicate your insights with each other. 

Watch YPlan’s John Sandall’s full 30-minute Data Saloon talk here:

As a small business just getting its feet wet, Sandall reminds us to use the tools available to you to gather as many insights as possible about your customer base. It doesn’t have to be a hugely expensive endeavour, it could be as little as tracking unique and returning site visitors through Google Analytics or giving an analytics tool a go. Either way, test as much as possible, and learn everything you can about your users!

We’re going to be publishing more videos from our Data Saloons right here in the coming weeks. To sign up to find out when the next Data Saloon is happening head here.

In the meantime, why not give Wrangler a play and do some data wranglin’ of your own?