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The five killer non-financial reports that will help you grow your startup 

The numbers you really need to pay attention to

We’ve been using Wrangler every day for about a month now, and we’ve started supporting our first alpha users in getting setup.

Although Wrangler’s best feature is its flexibility (for example, check out this awesome report of the highest ‘velocity’ events on Attending), one thing we’ve found is that there are a handful of killer reports that more or less every person wants as soon as they connect their database. 

These non-financial reports can start adding value with only tiny amounts of data - and they are all things that are hard to infer from typical user accessible views in your app.

N.B - these reports are most useful for non e-commerce apps - e.g social networks and SaaS type products where users ‘do stuff’ using your product, not just buy stuff.

The five reports you need, now, are:

1: List of new users with indication of how active they are — daily report

Essentially this is a summary of your new joiners, with their contact details and some important information about how active they are on your service, which will help you decide whether / how to reach out to them, possibly via Intercom, or just a good old fashioned personal email.

The indication of active will be unique to your app. For example with Hiremyfriend we think its candidates with an endorser, and companies with an opportunity, whereas for Attending we think its a person who has made an event that has got more than one attendee.

There’s a secondary report you can write which is a ‘slipping away’ report that gives you a list of previously active users that haven’t done the main thing you want them to do for 30 days. 

2: Leaderboard for users with extra data — dashboard

This report helps you identify and connect with your highest value users. 

It’s likely that your app already rewards and promotes these users, but a few lines of SQL and you can make a much more useful almost dashboard like report with much higher information density that pulls out extra information not available through public views like emails and other social media.

Below you can see a (poor) example - a sanitised view of the Attending Leaderboard. This is a poor example because it’s actually attendees, not event creators and obviously we aren’t going to show emails etc here!


3: List of new business objects with indication of how active they are - daily report

This is the flipside to the new users report, and assumes that you have an app where users do something that involves inputting data to create a ‘business object’ of some sort - for example with Attending the object is events listings, for Hire My Friend its profiles and opportunities, for Help me Write its ideas and votes etc etc

Much like the new users report, this helps you decide which new content to review, and possibly promote / share with others, and of course the report should link through to the users producing these objects so you can connect with them.

4: Leaderboard for business objects - dashboard

Again, as with the previous report this is the flipside to the users Leaderboard, and it helps you identify your highest value content on your site. 

If you have a consumer app it’s likely that there are views in your app that promote this content already, but as with the users Leaderboard, a solid SQL report can reveal more personal data, and provide you with much more information density.

So, for example, while we have a 'popular' page for Help me Write, our Hot 100 report helps us pick what to promote and browse upcoming content much more quickly:


5: Totals and % up/down of users, active users, business objects, active business objects — dashboard and weekly report

This is your killer chart that shows you how healthy your growth is across all your key metrics, and as far as I can see it can’t be produced as a single entity any other way than with a custom report against your database - which is what Wrangler is great for.

Here’s the report for Help Me Write (monthly)


And here’s some charts I made in a few minutes using our ‘export to Google’ feature.image


So that’s five non-financial reports you need to help you grow your startup - and if you want them for your app, head over to Wrangler and sign up for our alpha!