Want a job in tech? @waymate, @overheardatmoo, @shutl, @lastfm, @appearhere are hiring!

We got roles to keep you off the dole

‘Tis the season to explore pastures new, and boy do we have some scenic career pastures this week. We’ve got roles on both sides of the pond for you to peruse.

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Well, what are you waiting for? On to the roles!

Waymate - Visual UI Designer (Mobile) - Berlin

Waymate, arguably the leading transport & travel startup in Europe, is a way to book flights, trains, buses and more hassle-free. They are hiring for a whole mess of positions, but this is a nice role for a UI designer who’s comfortable with mobile.

 They’re looking for an exceptional visual designer to help them communicate their story through beautiful typography, color and layout. The ideal person shares their passion for simple solutions to complex problems, love for details and aesthetic sense. Oh and experience with product search and interaction design sensibility is a strong plus!

If you’ve got 3 years of experience creating delightful and engaging user interfaces, especially on mobile and an inspiring portfolio to share, then get in touch.

Moo - All of the roles - London/Rhode Island/Boston

If you can’t find a role for yourself that Moo are hiring for then what are you doing all day? Just kidding, but they really are hiring for a lot of roles, particularly in design, and there aren’t many tech companies around with a greater passion for design in their process.

In their own words, the Moo ethos is about ‘finding solutions, not just discovering problems. It’s about being an expert, but also adapting quickly to every new challenge. You may even be asked to do tasks that aren’t part of your existing skill set, focus on things that may be out of your comfort zone. Whatever the challenge everyone here at MOO pulls together to create something collaborative and great, after all, none of us is as smart as all of us.’

If you’re a smart, nice and ambitious so-and-so and fancy applying to what by all accounts is a really lovely place to work, head over there now.

Shutl - Data Scientist - London

Shutl is the London startup that’s revolutionised commerce by offering delivery in minutes, not days. In November 2013 they were acquired by eBay (well done guys!) to help build out their worldwide logistics offering and to make Shutl a global brand.

They are looking for a creative data scientist with broad interests that span such diverse areas as graph theory, topology and spatial analysis, pricing optimisation, auction dynamics and ranking and allocation algorithms. Fundamentally, the right person likes devising creative and pragmatic solutions to hard problems.

Working with a product manager, your algorithms will power a suite of service propositions that deliver maximum customer value for minimum cost, whether this is by optimizing allocation of jobs to the best available carriers or intelligently aggregating incoming orders to build routes on the fly. Sounds amazing. Say hello.

Last.fm - C++ Software Engineer - London

Last.fm really require no introduction, and they are looking for exceptional software engineer to join the small and very enthusiastic data and recommendations team at Last.fm. 

They need someone to tackle all the challenges that high-performance, data-intensive backend software can put their way. Do you like thinking about cache lines, memory bandwidth, seek times, and how code constructs are compiled into machine code? At the same time, do you enjoy writing lean, tested, modular code, using the kind of high-level and expressive idioms only Boost and the STL can offer? Do you have experience implementing key-value stores, information retrieval or large-scale machine learning software?

Should you be that coding wizard, apply to help develop last.fm backend infrastructure, where magic like recommendations, tag clouds, radio playlist or realtime profile charts generation happens. Introduce yourself here.

Appear Here - Full stack Ruby Engineer - London

Appear Here are at the forefront of the change in retail brought about by the pop-up. They are seamlessly connecting landlord’s vacant spaces to people with great ideas, all online. Their vision is to create a global network of spaces so people can make their idea travel. 

Appear Here deploy daily for features big and small and encourage contribution to open source projects. Everyone has input on product vision & direction, so expect to work closely with people up and down the stack to deliver strong customer-focused experiences. We develop in Rails and JavaScript, host on Heroku & manage code in Git.

So if you’ve got Ruby, OOP, Rails, Postgresql, HTML, CSS, Javascript then you could be in.

Well that’s it for another week. If you’d like to see your job vacancies here next time, please drop us an email.