Want a Startup Job? @taskrabbit @yieldify @ustwo @huddlebuy @seedcamp and @codeclub are hiring!

Just three weeks into the new year and the rapid growth of many startups is in full swing. There’s so many choice roles out there for you lucky lucky people, we decided to make this a London special.

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Without further ado, here’s this week’s roundup:

Operations and Marketing Manager - TaskRabbit - London

Taskrabbit is one of the biggest names to come out of what’s being called the ‘sharing economy’. Like Mechanical Turks for real-world work, they are aiming to ‘safely and reliably connect neighbors to get things done through the melding of social, location-based, and mobile technologies’.

They are looking for an experienced problem-solver to build a strong presence in London, developing locally-relevant, actionable marketing plans and budgets. Sound like you? Get the details here.

Community Manager - Code Club - London

As Code Club’s community of volunteers grows, they are looking for someone to curate and become the face of that community, becoming the first point of contact for all members.

As well as helping and managing communication within the community, you’ll become the voice of that community within the Code Club team, providing them with actionable insights. If that doesn’t fill you with terror, get the lowdown here.

iOS Developer, Android Developer - Ustwo - London

Red-hot digital agency (and neat games builder) Ustwo are looking to fill two positions in their London office. They want to take on both an iOS Developer and an Android developer full-time.

Both will be working on both client and internal projects, producing neat, readable and well documented code (I think that’s a concept we can all get behind). For an exciting opportunity, and to learn more about how Ustwo work, check out the roles here and here.

Account Executive - Yieldify - London

There can’t be many startups growing faster than Yieldify, and while they are building the team in every direction, a neat junior role they need to fill is to find a talented individual to manage clients and create new campaigns for them.

You’d be working in Innovation Warehouse in Farringdon, collaborating closely with the sales team as well as representing Yieldify at networking events. This is a great opportunity for a recent graduate or a talented individual with limited experience. So quit lollygagging and check it out.

Awesome PHP Developer - Huddlebuy - London

Everybody loves PHP these days, huh? The business group-buying platform Huddlebuy is no different, but they need someone ‘awesome’.

What this means, we’re reliably informed, is someone with the ability to participate in all phases of the development cycle: from product definition and design through implementation, debugging and testing. This is a bit of you.

Developer Extraordinaire, Ops Coordinator, Head of Content - Seedcamp - London

Let’s round up with a bumper pack of roles from everyone’s favourite Europe-based micro seed fund that ends in ‘-camp’: Seedcamp!

They’re looking for a ‘hacker-in-residence’ who is entrepreneurially minded and has a passion for startups. If you’ve got the skills and fancy joining the Seedcamp team, go here now.

Seedcamp are also on the hunt for an uber-office manager, who can do everything a normal office manager can do, with added startup special sauce. This is your destiny, grab it.

If on the other hand you are something of a startup loving wordsmith (‘Hey, this sounds like me!’ - the author), then you should get behind me in line.

Just kidding.

Seedcamp need a Head of Content to write on all things marketing, growth, hiring, ideas, product, etc. If you are a veritable Hunter S. Thompson of gonzo tech writing, then you know what to do.

That’s all for now, but it doesn’t end there. If you’d like to see your job vacancies here next week, bally well email us

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