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Watch: Improve your business with less than 10 lines of SQL

Find out how Wrangler can make a difference to your business.

At our very first Data Saloon, we gathered a few of London’s brightest minds in data science, along with a data-hungry crowd dressed like cowboys. It was a night to let loose and learn how utilising even the smallest bits of data can make a big impact on your business. 

Makeshift’s co-founder Nick Marsh took the stage to demo Wrangler, our data analytics tool, using children’s publishing company Lostmy.name as an example. Raw and uncut, he delved into their database, showing off the numerous capabilities of Wrangler to query and play with data reports. With very basic SQL, he was able to quickly reveal business transparencies and conversion rates, top cities and up-and-coming customer hot spots.   

“Database queries are the most powerful and flexible way to understand your business,” said Nick.

Wrangler provides a great alternative to Google Analytics with a plethora of customisation options to suit your needs. Wrangler provides your whole team with access, giving everyone the opportunity to explore and understand the data your startup is collecting day in and day out. With Wrangler, your engineers and your data scientists’s time can be used more efficiently!

Watch Nick demo Wrangler here: