Welcoming more great startups

say hello to the new companies now hiring

After a brief pause, we’re now letting more great startups into Hire my Friend. If you’re a company in the queue and want to jump ahead then drop us an email. And if you haven’t signed up yet then simply request access here

Here’s a quick look at five of the new companies now searching for awesome hires.


PingTune is the music focused mobile messaging service. We love their incredibly simple and beautiful mobile interface. They’re looking for Android and iOS developers, amongst other roles. Want to be part of their team trying to change the way people access and share music? 


Based out of rising startup-hub Berlin, RetentionGrid is a dead-simple customer predictive analytics solution targeting the long tail of e-commerce. To put it in simpler terms, they’re building a dead-simple growth hacking machine for anyone with an online shop. They’re growing the team and are looking for roles including data scientists and ruby engeineers.


Crowdsurge were founded in London in 2008, and now provide innovative technology to over 400 of the world’s most popular artists to help them sell more tickets. They’re trying to hire some great front end designers and developers and also full stack developers.


Weld want to radically simplify the process of creating software and are building a tool that allows you to prototype, build and launch mobile and web apps without coding. They think software creation should be more like assembling Lego blocks or building in Minecraft: fast, playful, and with immediate feedback. Sounds fun, could you be one of their first hires?


Depop is a fast, simple and social way to discover new and interesting items for sale. They’re are hiring Android & iOS engineers, a Backend Pythonist, a CTO, VP Marketing & Growth, Product Manager and Senior UX Designer. If you’re a fit then it’s a great time to join & have your voice heard there.

If you are looking for your next gig at a a startup, an here, we really recommend you create a profile on Hire my Friend and be seen by these companies! And if you are hiring, you should apply for access for your company.