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What does Wrangler do?

let us help your startup. with data. 

In an earlier post we outlined some of the benefits of using Wrangler to improve marketing intelligence, prototype views and build a reporting dashboard. But the feedback we got was ‘great - but what does Wrangler actually DO?!’

Put simply, Wrangler lets you and your team write SQL reports against your apps database (ideally an obfuscated follower database), store them all in one place and export and share the data from reports.

  • Your database is the ultimate record of what your customers are doing with your product
  • SQL is the ultimate tool to query that database and understand the data in it

Getting good at understanding the data your customers are producing is the responsibility of many people in your business, including marketing people, product managers and other non technical staff - and using Wrangler means they can do this iteratively and collaboratively without using up any developer time. 

So what does Wrangler look like to use?

When you sign up you will be asked to add your app and database. Here’s a post on how to do that.


Once you’ve added your app you get a dashboard like this:


When you click through into you app you can then start writing SQL reports. Here’s a screenshot of Help me Write, one of our apps, that has lots of reports:


When you write a report, you get a screen like the one below. This report is for Help me Write, and is a prototype of a new version of the ‘popular’ page that uses a hacker news type algorithm to judge what is hot. 


You can share any report / data as a public webpage:


Or even as a Google spreadsheet.


So that’s Wrangler. Some additional things we’re working on right now include:

  • Better permissions to avoid accidentally rewriting colleagues reports (we have report versioning already though)
  • Forking reports
  • A method to hire a data analyst really easily inside the app

If you’d like to have a go please sign up for our alpha at wrangler.io!